Year Three Begins

Exactly two years ago, I began my first “official” job. Like a first day of school, I woke up unusually early and arrived an hour before the start of my shift. It was raining heavily that morning. I can remember how my shoes were drenched in the rain even before I arrived in the office. It was beautiful.

Unlike where I had my internship, the orange planet was pretty much laid back. The air wasn’t as formal and, well, “corporate”. I have a love-hate relationship with my work, like a lot of other things in my life. There were countless times when I was almost certain I wanted to quit. But look, I didn’t! I know it will be hard to find something better – or something just as good.

I am well aware that this field isn’t my dream. It isn’t where I want to be. I like it, but I want something else. I never lie about that. I’ve been asked many times – what makes you stay? The answer is always the same – the people. It’s not a perfect bunch but there’s so much to like about it. This will probably change eventually but it doesn’t matter. Also, it pays (most of) the bills. There are bad moments, but the better moments outweigh them.

I’m looking forward to turning more experiences into good experiences, despite the frequent social awkwardness and occasional burnout.


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