Another Job Well Done

I’ve been freelancing since last month mainly because my monthly income just isn’t enough for all the household expenses. I thought that I do have the skills to pay the bills so why don’t I work more?

Well I’m not going to lie here – I wish I could get paid for creative activities but the road to that is rather cloudy.

Moving on, I’ve finished three projects and it makes me so happy whenever I get positive feedback. My performance for my most recent project was rather subpar so I was quite surprised that the client thought it was really good. Here’s a secret – I’m always over the moon whenever I receive feedback like that. It doesn’t matter if the project is small or whatever. It makes me so glad when people appreciate what I do, especially when I’m not exactly confident about it.

Since juggling multiple jobs is beginning to be tough, I decided that I’m going to take a break for a week and just focus on my day job. Work hard, play hard, work harder!


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