Fear and Regret

“What is your biggest fear?” Rejection, failure, being alone, death? I’m sure you’ve heard one of these answers.

My biggest fears are largely connected to my greatest dreams. I don’t fear rejection – I fear not being able to try at all. Failure is a part of the process. What I am afraid of is never being good enough.

Not being worthy of all the good things I dream of.

But how can you determine if you are “worthy”? Is it measured by people’s approval? Or is it something that comes in some sort of a light bulb moment?

Another thing that stirs so much hesitation in me is regret. Holding on a dream for so long and investing all your energy into it only to wake up one day and realize that a.) you want something else, and/or b.) you’re in it for a much less significant reason that has just completely lost its meaning.

But I’ve heard it said many times – never regret something you once wanted.

I don’t want to keep on going after every single thing that I think I want.

Somehow, I don’t fear “missing out”. What-could-have-beens don’t bother me much because I’ve come to realize that a lot of things are best left behind the stage. I’ve always been the one who wanted to do everything at the same time. Now it’s no longer only about aspirations, but also about priorities and responsibilities.

Fears, regrets, dreams – one is never without the other. It’s up to you to put things in perspective.


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