Reaction and Response

A thought from last night: Art is proof that negative things can turn into greater, positive things with the right mindset and action.

As a believer of balance, interconnection and the bigger picture, I think that certain things, including those we’d rather not experience, are necessary for learning.

As an avoider of tough times (perhaps an inevitable feat of the human side), I find this idea more of a curse than a blessing.

I guess you can say that I view misfortunes as a challenge to turn them around. I like using them as some sort of motivation. I also like using them to create possibly artistic outputs. Maybe not in a conventional way, but nonetheless a creation and an expression.

Good art is honest. They have all kinds of stories behind them – some good, some bad, some even seemingly uninspiring. It’s so beautiful to see/hear/experience rebirth; to see negativity turn into something new, something greater. It is beautiful to see people making a choice to produce something good out of opposing forces instead of choosing to dwindle down completely.


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