Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Sea. What kind of emotions does the sea or ocean make you feel? Do you remember the first time you went in the water? Had a wave crash on you? 


I’ve always had an aversion to the sea. It gives me the image of drowning and sinking to the bottom of the vast expanse of water. Thinking about all those sea creatures that could be creeping up my feet is enough to make me squeamish. I don’t like being in ships or boats as well. Being far away from (or worse, having no sight of) land is almost sure to give me an anxiety attack.

I have never been in the sea. I was never brought there as a child. Earlier this year, I’ve had the chance to be actually near the sea. Of course, I didn’t go in the water. I enjoyed the sight, the feeling of the wind in my hair, gritty sand between my toes and the taste + smell of the air. I’d love to experience it again.

Somehow, I understood why some people has such a strong affinity for the sea. There’s really something serene and peaceful about the sight of it. I don’t feel the need to be in the water. It’s okay if I never get to try doing that. I appreciate it but I’d rather stay on the shore. Or by the infinity pool/side.


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