New Year, New (Blog) Direction


It’s a new year, hence, a relatively new start for this blog. As you can see, I changed the name a bit. I want to spend more time putting things into this. When I created this blog, I had no idea what to use it mainly for. My thoughts are normally, well, too abrupt and fleeting to be actually put into a blog post. That’s why I use Twitter instead. Wait, I’ve said this before, haven’t I? I write on a physical journal too, so I tend to forget about this one.

So let’s see what I’ll be blogging about. I’ll think of this as a talking-to-myself-thing. I want to be more open.

Moving on, it’s only the twenty-first day of the year. I have a few plans in mind that I would like to materialize more than anything else. You know what, it’s so easy to get lost in a fictional world when reality offers so little. I’m wrong on the last part – reality offers a lot, but not to everyone. Not equally, definitely. You need to throw a few things into the sea to stop the boat from sinking. But hey, it’s all about perspective, isn’t it?

Let me now talk about something a little less non-specific. I am currently at home and sick with the flu. It’s probably because of the weather, but more likely because I caught the virus from our guests last week. And stress too. Bad timing. I want to go to work because we’ve got interviews this week. But I can’t really face those people in this condition. Also, it isn’t very nice to be out there carrying and most likely spreading the virus. I’m looking forward to a fast recovery so I can enjoy the weather, among other things.


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