Yes, Sir.

I’ve never liked my name. And I know I’ll never be fully at peace with life til I learn how to accept it. It’s a, well, normal name but it’s way too common in where I live. Plus, it reflects nothing about my personality. I’m thankful that it’s not an offensive or blatantly embarrassing name, but it could’ve been so much better.

I typically go by my nickname (initials) unless I am forced to use my full first name. It’s funny because a lot of people assume that I am male upon seeing my name. When I was an intern, we had a meeting in which I was assigned as the contact person. Upon arriving at the place, the point person from the other party was looking for “Mr. (my name)”. I introduced myself and we just laughed at the turnout of expectations.

When I reply to clients, my e-mail signature states only my nickname because seeing my full name irks me no matter how hard I try to be unaffected. They respond, addressing me as “sir” or “Mr. (my surname)”. It doesn’t feel proper but eventually it becomes rather amusing. I think that I’d rather be mistakenly called “sir” than addressed by my full first name.


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