Starting Over, Hitting Restart.

I’d like to believe it isn’t too late to start over. It’s not just about happiness, but about how everything works together. It’s about the right timing perhaps.

I will be starting a new job in the same building where I worked six years ago. Back then, the country just had a new president. Just like now. (Even the person I currently like is the same person I liked back then, are we all riding a time machine now?) The energy I had around this time in 2010 was quite similar too. Ready and motivated for training.

At first, this decision made me very anxious. I’ve been working for five years. Clearly, I should be aiming for a senior position. But no, it’s so much harder in this country. So when one of my dream organizations to work for got in touch more than a year after I e-mailed them my CV, I just had to shift my focus entirely.

Starting from the bottom may not be part of the plan originally, but I’m willing to work my way up. No time/room for comparison and regret here.


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